Get the VINTAGE MODERN look….

Living in the world today we are faced with the challenge of mixing new and old together. This mixture can either be a toxic mess or a wonderful collaboration that not only tells a story but freshens things up a bit! When it comes to design, buying an older house/condo/apartment and trying to modernize it can be challenging but it can definitely be done. Architectural Digest recently posted an article about a beautiful town home in Greenwich Village that needed to be updated while still keeping its charm.

Architectural firm Leroy Street Studio and interior designer Christine Markatos Lowe took on the task of creating an up to date design while keeping the Greek Revival structure that was built in 1842 in tact for the family of six. This town home is so bright and inviting with hints of distressed furniture and gorgeous architectural details…. take a look!

Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest

item1_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_leroy-street-studio-02-kitchen item2_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_leroy-street-studio-03-dining-room item3_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_leroy-street-studio-04-dining-room The fireplace and chair rail detail that was kept in the design really gives the essence of the Greek Revival Structure that was created years ago. By keeping the room bright white and adding pieces that were both contemporary and historically inspired created a flowing design. item5_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_leroy-street-studio-06-breakfast-area

item4_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_leroy-street-studio-05-study  item7_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_leroy-street-studio-08-master-bedroom

Do you love this town home just as much as we do!? We searched high and low to give you our spin on this design with pieces that are currently available to help you get inspired!

Modern and vintage inspired furniture selected by A.S.D. Interiors.
Modern and vintage inspired furniture selected by A.S.D. Interiors.

5 Must Haves For Transforming Your Dining Room

A dining room can be so much more than just a table and chairs, so today we are here to prove that to you! There are a few key componenets that will really turn your room around! No matter what your style or budget is, these helpful tips are for everyone! Notice the attention to detail in the inspiration photos below that each designer considered; chair selection, lighting, mirrors, centerpieces and art work..

Bright and beautiful dining room by interior design Jonathon Adler

1. Stand out chairs will create a unique atmosphere for a dining room. Many times chairs will get lost if they match TOO much with the dining table! So mix it up and add different textures, color, patterns, ect. Another way to grab attention is to use different colors and materials for the captain chairs and the accent chairs.

Dining room designed by Katie Leede

2. Another important design element to consider is unique lighting. Not only will a great     chandelier add a huge impact, it will create a specific mood. In Tim Clarke’s design below, he did an amazing job at focusing on the lighting fixture with an oversized pendant. Elements to consider while choosing lighting for a dining room is the size, shape, material and color.

Interior Designer Tim Clarke’s Coastal Modern Dining Room

3. Details in the design of a room are what will bring a room to life! Just like every other room, the dining room needs accessories as well, which is where the centerpiece comes into play. Many times people leave their dining tables undressed and that is what your room may be missing! Classic centerpieces such as candles or a floral arrangement always look great but there is also a way to step out of the box. Adding multiple items in various heights will add interest to your table as well as create a more proportional scale between the dining table and the centerpiece. Check out the dining room below that we designed for our client. The room was painted in a deep dusty blue and sheer drapes diffused the natural sunlight. And we added a playful feather napkin ring to contrast all the clean white tableware.The center is filled with flowers and candles in a variety of heights and floral types.


Soothing dining room by interior designer Shirry Dolgin A.S.D. Interiors



4. Strong art Pieces can make your space much more personalized. It will add character your space and give it that extra splash of color it may need! Whether it is one outstanding piece of art or a gallery wall, both will do the trick!

Great art work for a dining space!

5. Mirrors are another resource for your dining room that will work wonders! The added reflection will add depth and beauty to your room, especially when reflecting a great chandelier! Check out this glamorous dining room posted on La Dolce Vita’s blog.

Mirror giving a beautiful reflection of the space!

Check out our pick for the color of the month!

This month Deep Ocean Blue is the color that I am using for inspiration! Just the sound of it makes me want to dive into a room filled with this hue! A splash of this rich color and it will leave your space looking unique, fresh and modern. Why do we love it so much? Well for starters, it complements neutrals as well as bold reds, yellows and greens. How can you use a color like this? Well don’t worry because there are many options…

To begin, I want to share with you a family room that I designed in beauitful Malibu, California! Inspired by the gorgeous view from the windows, deep blue was the color I decided would capture the mood best. I did not want to over induldge this space with blue, so I carefully chose places to add that rich color. As you can see only a section of the ceiling were painted blue, as well as the back of the bookcases below. To bring this color forward, I added two accent chairs and oversized throw pillows on the sofa. I kept the color scheme neutral with pops of red and green to complete this look of this family room!

Shirry Dolgin, A.S.D. Interiors

Without changing the color of the walls, a rug or piece of furniture in this color can change the look of your space instantly! In the photo below, I found a gorgeous master bedroom design in an all neutral palette with this geometric shaped deep blue rug. This rich color complements the neutral color scheme and adds a defining touch to the room.

An accent wall painted in a deep blue hue, like the one below, adds a peaceful sense to the room. The wall color makes the light furniture pop, and gives the entire space a warm tone. A secret about this color is that it does not take over the neutral palette, but instead becomes apart of it. Don’t forget that light is the key to making a room feel bright!
Photo Credit: Domino

Deep Ocean Blue can come in all sorts of shades, able to become so dark it looks close to black! To add interest to a room, without using the same color over the entire space, shades of the different color will do just the trick. As a tip a room in deep blue is easily dressed with accessories in shades of reds and yellows.
Elle Decor Blog

Inspired but not sure where to start? I recommend BEHR’s Deep Royal Blue. Try is as an acent wall or evan as a wainscotting halfway up the wall in a powder bathroom.
Deep Royal Blue by BEHR

Bar Is Open! 5 perfect bar options for your home…

As an Interior Designer, I am constantly asked, “How can I make this space better for entertaining?” There are several ways to do so, to create a functional and fun environment for yourself and your guests. Today, many retail stores are providing bars that can provide all your needs that a built-in bar can provide. Below, we have shared with you a few of our favorites, why we like them and where to get these pieces!

Above is a West Elm bar cabinet, great for storage and pleasing to the eye. Here at A.S.D. we love the fact that it has a top shelf for decorative items and room for the items your currently using. Put out at tray of cheese and crackers with your wine and you are set for the night! They both have storage for up to 15 hanging stemmed glasses and 12 cubicles to store liquor and mixers!

The Curved Front Bar above is inspired by an Art Deco design. We love this look because it is classy and has the ability to fit into a wide variety of homes. The storage space is amazing, capable of holding 10-15 wine glasses adjustable shelves, and side cabinetry. A beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas would be the perfect touch to this piece.

Restoration Hardware has come out with what they call “Vintage Wallpaper Factory Bar Cart”. Although this cart doesn’t have at much storage as the others, its charm makes up for it. This piece will have everyone talking, especially when you serve your guests a glass or two of wine with it!

Above is The Monaco Bar Cabinet that can be found at Crate&Barrel. This highly functional cabinet has shelving capable of holding 40 bottles! What’s not to love?? This walnut finish and ribbed detail on the front is the perfect addition to your living and dining room spaces.

Crate&Barrel has another great piece called the Marin Bar Cabinet. A combination of Asian inspiration as well as mid century modern was put into the furniture piece. The weathered elm gives it more natural look. The interior is full of surprises including built in shelving of all sizes on the doors and in the center for your bar ware and bottles. We love how the shelves are adjustable and the top has hooks for hanging stemware!

These pieces will complement your entertaining spaces very well AND are perfectly handy for the holiday season that is soon approaching.

Creating a Festively Fall Atmosphere!!

Today we are going to talk about all the fun little changes that will get your home into the fall season. There are several changes you can make during this time of year that will transform your home into a cozy retreat without breaking the bank! Below are several suggestions to help creative a fall atmosphere as well as the trending styles for this season.

Let’s start with the 2011 colors for fall. Right now plum, mustard brown, rusty orange and burnt red are all the rage!! These are great accent colors that can easily be incorporated into any home. First, I would suggest replacing items such as pillows, area rugs and throw blankets since they pack such a large punch. Using these colors gives your home and/or room a warm fall look. Below are several examples of area rugs and where to get to find these items.
The Tufted Spiced Palampore Rug can be found at World Market.

This rug will bring your dining room or living room to life. The spiced color is perfect for the season!

Quilted Pillows below can be found at West Elm. Take a few colors from these pillows and get complementing solids to mix and match!

Pottery Barn is one of the best places to resource for fall decorating. Below is just one of many embroidered and perfectly fall colored pillows.

These fantastic dip dye throws can be found at West Elm. They come in a variety of warm color and fit in a traditional or contemporary space.

Restoration Hardware has an assortment of throws that will keep you warm for the cold weather to come. We love the chenille braided throws…

Another way to bring some fall charm into your home is to paint or wallpaper an accent wall. Is so simple you can even do it over the weekend! This will make a huge difference, and it can be easily changed throughout the year, especially if it is just one or two walls!
Lastly, you can add the little details to your home such as dining and coffee table settings, candles, and floral arrangements. You can even change the accessories on your coffee table like adding some fun fall inspired books or magazines.