Thank you West Elm…

Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to West Elm for sharing the room I designed on there blog!! I use there products all the time and I’m thrilled that they have selected to feature my work!!
Check it out here. I’ve added a few more pictures of that room for you to check out below…

Shirry Dolgin on West Elm blog
Shirry Dolgin on West Elm blog

View of the fireplace, designed by Shirry Dolgin
View into the kitchen, designed by Shirry dolgin
View of dining room, designed by Shirry Dolgin
View of living room, designed by Shirry Dolgin

Guest blog post: Princesses and Pirates: Creating a Themed Bedroom for Your Child

Today our blog post comes from a guest writer. Thank you so much Brandon! Hope everyone enjoys!!

Themed children’s rooms are very popular right now. Hollywood stars are decorating their children’s rooms in popular themes. Design and room makeover shows on HGTV regularly show fancy-themed children’s rooms with custom designed beds and other elaborate elements for kids. There are websites and specialty stores that specialize in themed children’s rooms, but even with those resources, how can you create a space for your child that they are sure to love?


3 Design Elements to Remember When Decorating Your Child’s Room:

  • The room should have a sense of harmony and balance.
  • The room should express a mood.
  • The room should be functional.

When designing a child’s room, it is important to not get too carried away and throw off the balance with too many items. It’s so easy to get caught up buying a ton of accessories that go with a particular theme, but then have no real plan in place for them. A room put together that way will most likely feel out of balance and cluttered. Instead, choose your accessories with a purpose in mind. Accessories can be a great inexpensive way to add to the theme your son or daughter has selected for their room, but be careful not to go overboard. Stick to just a few well-placed accessories to bring the theme you have chosen to life.

Decorating is supposed to be fun, and not just another item to cross off a to-do list. Take the time to enjoy the experience and involve your child in the process. This is a good opportunity to teach them about decorating and making their room reflect their personal taste and needs. Here are some tips to help you with the walls and furniture choices in a child’s room.

Wall Murals and Decals


Painting walls and applying wall decals or murals are both inexpensive ways to change the look of your child’s room and create a definite mood. Wallnutz carries mural painting kits (stencils and paint-by-number) that allow you to customize a room. Murals allow you to cover great amounts of space and add customized features. Wall decals can be found in just about every possible color, character, theme, or shape you can imagine. Fathead and RoomMates are two popular sites for peel and stick decor. And the best thing about decals is that they come off without damaging your paint. For the picky child, or kid that changes their mind all the time, wall stickers are a great, inexpensive solution to painting projects.



The most obvious choice for accessorizing your themed room with furniture is going to be the bed. It’s most likely the largest furniture piece in the room and as such, can be a great focal point. A themed comforter or some throw pillows are the typical route. An engraved head board can add a lot of fun.


To go a step further you can look for beds shaped to fit your theme. The archetypal choice is the racing car, but a pirate ship or boat bed from Olivia and Will has a lot to offer too. Adding a dresser, shelf or desk that maintains the desired theme is a must.


Decorating a child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. With a plan and some compromises between you and your son or daughter, you can create a room they love without costing you a fortune.


What goes around comes around…

We’re all familiar with that saying “what goes around comes around”-which is fitting for fashion, design, architecture, transportation and furniture. A lot of furniture styles from previous decades are now being revamped and modernized to fit today’s markets and tastes. Designers are referring to ideas from a long time ago and are figuring out how to fit old designs with a new taste.

Designs like the ‘Barcelona chair’ and the ‘Klismos chair’ are now starting to be reused and revamped to fit the taste of today’s market. Designers claim that as much as clients love to look at the modern styles and designs of furniture, sometimes those particular pieces might not fit the space it was intended to be used for. Older designs such as the Barcelona chair and the Klismos chair fit the taste of some clients better because of the traditional shape, which might fit the client’s purpose and use for the piece of furniture better.

The Barcelona chair was designed in 1929 by Mies van der Rohe. The chair is an icon of modernism, and the design was inspired by folding chairs of ancient times.

This Barcelona chair looks elegant and sleek in black.

This barcelona chair looks clean cut in white, with the matching ottoman.

The Klismos chair has a traditional shape to it, with a rounded back rest. The Klismos chair had a very simple and traditional look to it, which has been modified throughout time to fit current tastes and preferences of today’s market. The Klismos chair is an ancient Greek chair (Klismos signifies an armchair-but no specific description of it). Here are some pictures of an original, traditional Klismos chair, and then modified versions of the Klismos chair.

This is a original Klismos chair, with the original shape.
Through time, designers have altered certain aspects of the chair's original design.
Designers have managed to keep the traditional idea of the Klismos chair, and incorporate new and more modern ideas to improve the design to fit today's market.

Farm Fresh Bedrooms!

A.S.D. Interiors is excited to present you with another wonderful guest blog post… Enjoy!

Even if you don’t live in the country or on a farm, you can still decorate your bedroom in farmhouse or country chic home décor.  This look is a somewhat similar to the shabby chic look, but think more rustic, less delicate.  Think woody browns, taupe, deeper greens like hunter and pine– basically the sort of colors you’re likely to find countryside can be used to inspire your bedroom’s color palette.  Just take a look at some of these images for farm fresh inspiration.


This bedroom, in a converted French barn is simple, tranquil and surprisingly sophisticated.  When incorporating farmhouse chic into your bedroom, remember to keep it simple.  A simple bed made up in white sheets, with a rustic wooden table at the foot of the bed and a quaint nightstand are all you need to get this look.  Add a contemporary accent chair for an interesting twist.


Here’s a bedroom in a converted space (you can see the outline of a pit on the brick accent wall), that’s much more dainty and feminine.  The color palette is neutral in antique white and rose and the decor is accented by a pretty chandelier.


This converted studio in an attic is cozy, chic and serene.  The wood slats and brick walls have been painted white.  The floor is painted white as well, but the natural color of a dark wood shows through.  Paint your floors, walls and shutters white – don’t use primer – to get this look.  Let the natural colors show through.  The use of wall art also adds a really nice touch!


Here’s a simple, yet lovely, bedroom that sticks to brown, gray and taupe for a farmhouse chic look.  The wrought iron bed frame makes it feminine without being too fussy and the raw grain and color of the  room’s wooden slats and frame keep it rustic.


Here’s a bedroom that uses the farmhouse for inspiration, literally; old barn doors have been used as the headboard.  What’s so unexpected about this bedroom, however, is not just that pretty antique chandelier, but also the ceiling’s intricate moulding.

As seen in these beautiful bedrooms, farmhouse style can be chic.  Use a rustic color palette of wood, brown, taupe and white, make a fluffy white bed, and if you can, look for antique or vintage items to get the look just right.

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5 EASY tips for newlyweds looking to blend their furniture and identify their NEW “couple style”!

I hear it over and over again when I meet new couples, especially ones who are newly married or have just bought their first home…

“What do we do with our home if one of us likes modern furniture and the other likes traditional furniture?”

Well there is no need to worry anymore because I have a quick and easy guide to help you jump start the process and get through this little battle of MODERN VS TRADITIONAL. Below are 5 strategies I tackle to make sense of it and help you capture a style that will let both personalities shine:

1. FIRST! Make a list of all the existing furniture both of you own. Often there is one person in the couple who has WAY more “stuff” than the other. Once you look at this list, decide who has a higher percentage of items. If it’s the modern person that owns the majority of furniture and accessories, then try selecting a few traditional pieces the next time you are looking to buy new artwork or accent furniture.

2. Look at the details: If you need to purchase a few new pieces of furniture once you move in together, try to accomplish meeting each other’s needs by looking at the details in the furniture you are buying. Let’s say for example you are deciding between two armchairs and one is looking very traditional. However the other one is traditional but has modern lines, or modern leg details. This should be the piece you purchase because it is meeting both of your needs.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix styles! If let’s say each of you are bringing a house full of furniture into the new place, feel free to mix up the style, colors, and patterns so that there is a mix of each other’s personal items in every room. It’s OK to break up furniture sets and create a blend of both styles in one space!

Modern home office

4. Don’t delegate common rooms to one person only! What does this mean? Well, if there is a home office and only one of you really use that space, then go ahead and let that person have total control of the room. However, if you are organizing common area furniture, like the living room or dining room, then it has to be a blend of both parties! Unite your taste in one look that expresses things you both appreciate.

5. Remember that your taste and style is evolving and forever changing. Things that you like now will change over time and somewhere down the road both of you may end up having similar taste. It takes time for a couple to develop their own style and you need to just enjoy the process for now and have fun together!

For more in depth help, or to hire Shirry for your new home design, go to:

A quick (and fun) guide to our TOP 15 decorating DONT’S – And how to fix them!

If you are a new home owner, or are you looking to spruce up your current place? Here is a quick tip guide to some things you shouldn’t do, and how to fix them!

1. Mini area rugs – If you’re unsure of the size, always go bigger!
2. Top of the toilet tank – this is not a place for potpourri or tissue paper boxes, leave it alone!
3. No headboards – For those of you out of college, please get an adult bed that has a headboard. Long gone are the days of pushing your bed against the wall.
4. Crooked pictures – place a bit of earthquake putty on the bottom 2 corners to keep them straight.
5. Dead plants – either water them or get new ones.
6. Wall to wall bathroom carpet – It’s gross and collects mold. If you have a bathroom with carpet, consider a DIY project for the weekend to remove it and put in some tile.
7. Fake fruit in a bowl – Please, just go buy a bunch of green apples or lemons, inexpensive and edible!

A.S.D. Interiors

8. Matchy Matchy furniture – Not everything needs to be a set. It looks much more interesting and thoughtful if you pair up different finishes and colors.
9. Huge speakers – If the speakers are taller than waste height, they’re too big!
10. Small art on a large wall – think about the scale of the wall before hanging artwork. The artwork should take up at least 60% of the width of the wall.
11. Oversized furniture – scale is everything! Remember that a small spaces need smaller scaled furniture.
12. Mismatched door hardware – Brass on the inside and chrome on the outside, really?? Can we make them the same finish please?
13. No contrast in color – It’s so sad to see a room that all the same color from floor, to cabinets, to furniture and art. One of the most beautiful elements of a well designed room is the contrast in color.
14. Toilet lid covers – Especially the fuzzy ones. If you have one of these, PLEASE throw it away today.
15. Unorganized open shelving – If you have no way to hide your STUFF, at least make it organized and pleasant to look at. It will bring clarity to your mind every time you look at them.

Affordable Ways To Give Your Home A Classic Look: Save Money & Add Style

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It’s that time of the year again, when you say bye bye to the past year and welcome the new one. You are thinking to remodel your home for the New Year as a resolution. It is understandable that you might not have a big budget to completely remodel or redecorate your house. But there are a few things you can do that will save you some money and make your house look brand new. You are a home owner, and you need to remodel…let’s say restore your house. There are plenty of things you will need to get and you may want to hire a professional to do all the handy work.

Collect all of your ideas first by browsing magazines or search for interior design ideas on the web. What kind of style does your home currently have and what would you like to change it to?

You should make out a plan. Ask yourself questions like how much you can afford right at this point to add a face-lift to your house. Choose what you want changed – the interior or the exterior. If it’s the interior, gather your kitchen design ideas, bedroom design ideas or any other room ideas first. Try taking baby steps and don’t get overwhelmed to completely go overboard and do all the remodeling yourself. Professionals are out there to help you every step of the way. All you need to know is how big your budget is and what you are planning on redecorating.

Most people just get an exterior paint job done to their houses. It is understandable that it will look clean from the outside, but what about the inside. Is it just as appealing? Organize everything, and first make a budget for your paint job. You know that the walls need some lighting up, so give it a shot and put your thinking cap on.

Pick out a color, well a few colors for the different rooms in your house. Having the same color of every room is old and makes the house look very bland from the inside. Choose bright colors for a start. Brighter colors open the room and give it a more contemporary dash of elegance. You should think about color coordinating walls in a single room. Try to select a different color for the ceiling perhaps. You don’t want your bedroom or other room to look like a closed box. It is your thinking space, so think out of the box.

Check all the big pieces in your house, like furniture, shelves, wardrobes and tables. If you think that they can be repaired rather than changed, do it! This way you will save a bunch of money and save for something that is more needed. You can update your furniture, reupholster your couches and stain the woodwork and they will look new in no time. The best thing about wood is that once it is polished and back to being glossy, people will assume that it is brand new. The same option goes for your flooring if you have wooden flooring around the house.

If you are not up for a new paint job in your bedroom, go out to simple art galleries or stores that offer pieces of artwork. You don’t need the original Mona Lisa on your wall to add luxury. You can always get superb pieces of artwork, and they will go perfect with your room. If you choose more abstract pictures or paintings, they may very well add life to your bedroom or living room.

Content provided by Design Shuffle which is a social media site filled with interior design ideas from top tier design talent around the world. Best of all, registration is completely free.