Why pattern is so important

Have you ever walked into a room that was so well designed and you thought “How in the heck did the designer think to put all this random stuff together and make it look so damn good???” Well its not magic (sort of) but it is a combination of pattern used correctly with scale and layering.

I get this question a lot from clients: “If I have too much pattern in a space, isn’t it going to look too busy and feel like there is too much going on?” and the answer is Hell No!! 😉 The truth is that a well curated space with a variety of pattern done in the right scale is the most beautiful and layered way to design a room. I often use the reference of a high end hotel. As a designer, I can’t help myself when I walk around a hotel or high end restaurant and I start touching all the walls and finishes. I’m sure people see me and think I am totally nuts. Those are some of the best places to see the way mixing pattern can make a place look amazing and so unique.  I like to bring up the fact that luxury hotels could have 20-30 different finishes and materials in a space, and then clients  realize that YES! in fact there are a bunch of finishes and patterns in those spaces. So when its done right it makes for amazing design. In my opinion its safe and easy to play it simple, but just like nature, there is pattern in everything. So please embrace the idea and when in doubt don’t shy away from using pattern.

Photo by Erika Bierman for ASD Interiors

Accessory spruce up – Before and After!!

We all love to see the before and after of a room, so today I’m sharing a few snap shots and tips on some very fun and easy ways to spruce up your home. The saying goes that “The devil is in the details”, but what makes these touches so vital? They are what makes a space personal, unique and turns a house into a home! So here are a few tips on how I used accessories to give some spirit and personality to my clients apartment.

Recently I worked with a client who needed a quick and inexpensive facelift to her simple apartment. Luckily she had some great key furniture pieces that were neutral enough to build upon. Take a look at this quick transformation!

Before Picture

After Picture

If you are looking to add some life to your living space here are a few simple tips:

1. Add an area rug! Even if you have wall to wall carpet, its still OK to place a rug on top of it. This helps to scale the sitting area and adds color and a bit of personality! This client happened to like a traditional and elegant look, but this tip also applies if you are going for a more contemporary feel.

2. Buy pairs of 2: In this space I took 2 of her existing glass end tables and bought a pair of metallic lamps to flank her sofa. This draws attention to the main wall and creates balance.

3. When you can’t paint, improvise! This is a rental apartment so painting an accent wall wasn’t really in the cards. As a solution, I designed a wall treatment with 2 drapery panels (which added tons of height) and centered a pair of modern black and white paintings behind the sofa! Before this huge wall was blank and out of proportion, and now there is a great balance of artwork and pattern that draws your eye in.

Here are a few more pictures of the space. Notice the difference the sunburst mirror makes above the fireplace!

Sofa, drapes, art, and end tables.

Fireplace mirror

A sunburst mirror in a gold finish reflected the new room and took up that extra space above the fireplace. Also, by choosing a mirror like this one, it brings personality with its different shape. Candles, a lantern and a reflective tray topped the mantel. To finish the fireplace, two grassy beige storage bins were set on each side for books, movies and throw blankets!

Now, lets take a look at the entry. The entry is the first and last place you see when coming and going into your home. Which also means it needs to be functional and organized! What was once a boring shoe dumping ground is now an inviting and organized space equipped with shoe storage, a place for keys/mail, and decorative accents. The red artwork above really brought life into this small entry.

A.S.D. Interiors

We had such a great time decorating the space and it never seizes to amaze us how much of difference these few touches will make to a room!!