Get the VINTAGE MODERN look….

Living in the world today we are faced with the challenge of mixing new and old together. This mixture can either be a toxic mess or a wonderful collaboration that not only tells a story but freshens things up a bit! When it comes to design, buying an older house/condo/apartment and trying to modernize it can be challenging but it can definitely be done. Architectural Digest recently posted an article about a beautiful town home in Greenwich Village that needed to be updated while still keeping its charm.

Architectural firm Leroy Street Studio and interior designer Christine Markatos Lowe took on the task of creating an up to date design while keeping the Greek Revival structure that was built in 1842 in tact for the family of six. This town home is so bright and inviting with hints of distressed furniture and gorgeous architectural details…. take a look!

Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest

item1_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_leroy-street-studio-02-kitchen item2_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_leroy-street-studio-03-dining-room item3_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_leroy-street-studio-04-dining-room The fireplace and chair rail detail that was kept in the design really gives the essence of the Greek Revival Structure that was created years ago. By keeping the room bright white and adding pieces that were both contemporary and historically inspired created a flowing design. item5_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_leroy-street-studio-06-breakfast-area

item4_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_leroy-street-studio-05-study  item7_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_leroy-street-studio-08-master-bedroom

Do you love this town home just as much as we do!? We searched high and low to give you our spin on this design with pieces that are currently available to help you get inspired!

Modern and vintage inspired furniture selected by A.S.D. Interiors.
Modern and vintage inspired furniture selected by A.S.D. Interiors.

HGTV’s “House Hunters Renovation” episode 4

Last Sunday HGTV aired a new episode of “House Hunters Renovation” that I was so honored to work on!! It was an absolute pleasure working with the HGTV team and of course the wonderful homeowners, Bill and Meredith, on this kitchen renovation! You guys all made it such a blast and I will always remember how great the experience was!

For some of you looking for a few snap shots, take a look below for a couple before and after images of the kitchen renovation…

This kitchen needed some major color and updating! After getting an idea of what Bill and Meredith were looking for in their kitchen… I had a plan! Below is the sketch for my concept on the kitchen design.

By choosing warmer color tones in walnut and grey, the kitchen came to life. Adding a colorful glass and slate back splash tile gave a contemporary touch especially since I decided to install it vertically instead of horizontal!! Matched with the quartz counter tops for the island and main kitchen, along with industrial details like the reclaimed wood mirror and swivel bar stools, this kitchen got its masculine vibe. And who could forget the beautiful accent wallpaper in the dining area that tied the theme together!

A.S.D. Interiors

We searched for products that had an industrial edge but also a natural element to them. Thanks to the vendors below we were able to achieve our goal: Here are just some of the vendors….West Elm, CB2, Target, Crate & Barrel, World Market, Home Decorators, Astek Wallcovering, The Shade Store, BEHR and Amarock.

A big shout out to A-List Construction! You made the designs a reality and we could not have done it without a quick and professional team likes yours! Find them online at

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10 Tips for designing a successful guest room

Designing your guest room can be an exciting chance to step out of the box with your usual tastes and preferences, and use different ideas. When designing a guest room, one can “think outside of the box” with their tastes and preferences because the guest room might not be used as often as the other rooms in the home. Are you considering designing or re-designing a guest room soon? Here are some helpful tips…

1. Be sure to select nightstands which have additional storage space (closets, drawers, shelves, etc.) so that your guests can use the it for storing their belongings.

2. If there is space in the room, try placing a bench, ottoman or luggage tray at the foot of the bed to provide your guests with a place to store their overnight bags.

3. Layer the bedding with multiple blanket options (duvet, quilt and throw blanket) because everyone has different sleep needs and preferences.

4. Select window coverings which have a “blackout” option. Everyone has different preferences with levels of lighting, and this will avoid your guest being disturbed with the sunrise.

5. Leave a basket on the bed which has a fresh bar of soap, toothpaste and toothbrush along with a fresh set of towels. Sometimes people forget these things, so providing them with these things just in case could be of help.

6. Try having four pillows on the bed (two synthetic and two natural down). Having different pillows shows your guests that you care about their comfort.

7. Keep the top of the nightstands clean and clear, maybe with just table lamps on them. This gives the guests space to put anything they brought with them over there.

8. For a fun selection of art, try pictures of the city where your home is (the city skyline, downtown, any tourist attractions, a vintage picture of the city, pictures from any previous decades). This can give your guests a fun history of where they are.

Old Los Angeles

Old Los Angeles
Old Los Angeles

9. For a budget tip: instead of painting the entire room, try painting just the room’s ceiling in a contrasting color. This is an inexpensive way to make your guest bedroom stand out.

10. Lastly, on the day your guests arrive be sure to put a vase of fresh flowers in your guest bedroom. This will give your guests a sense of freshness and make them feel as if they are staying in a hotel.

ASD Interiors guest room design by Shirry Dolgin

ASD Interiors guest room design by Shirry Dolgin

What goes around comes around…

We’re all familiar with that saying “what goes around comes around”-which is fitting for fashion, design, architecture, transportation and furniture. A lot of furniture styles from previous decades are now being revamped and modernized to fit today’s markets and tastes. Designers are referring to ideas from a long time ago and are figuring out how to fit old designs with a new taste.

Designs like the ‘Barcelona chair’ and the ‘Klismos chair’ are now starting to be reused and revamped to fit the taste of today’s market. Designers claim that as much as clients love to look at the modern styles and designs of furniture, sometimes those particular pieces might not fit the space it was intended to be used for. Older designs such as the Barcelona chair and the Klismos chair fit the taste of some clients better because of the traditional shape, which might fit the client’s purpose and use for the piece of furniture better.

The Barcelona chair was designed in 1929 by Mies van der Rohe. The chair is an icon of modernism, and the design was inspired by folding chairs of ancient times.

This Barcelona chair looks elegant and sleek in black.

This barcelona chair looks clean cut in white, with the matching ottoman.

The Klismos chair has a traditional shape to it, with a rounded back rest. The Klismos chair had a very simple and traditional look to it, which has been modified throughout time to fit current tastes and preferences of today’s market. The Klismos chair is an ancient Greek chair (Klismos signifies an armchair-but no specific description of it). Here are some pictures of an original, traditional Klismos chair, and then modified versions of the Klismos chair.

This is a original Klismos chair, with the original shape.
Through time, designers have altered certain aspects of the chair's original design.
Designers have managed to keep the traditional idea of the Klismos chair, and incorporate new and more modern ideas to improve the design to fit today's market.

Dashing Doggy Beds

Our dogs are our best friends, so we would naturally want them to live in comfort. Some of us don’t know what it’s like to sleep without our dogs while others make sure that their dogs have their very own personal doggy beds. Now, doggy beds come in all different styles, sizes, shapes and colors…so why just settle for a simple, massively sized pillow for our dogs to lounge on when they can literally have their own “bed” or “sofa”?

These days, a lot of clients request their interior designers incorporate an area into the space being designed for the dog to be comfortable. Sometimes, the dog’s area to lounge looks exactly like the rest of the furniture in the space, and sometimes the dog’s bed is completely unique. There are lots of different design ideas available for you to choose from when it comes to finding a bed for your best friend.

Here are some pictures of some of the fun and unique pet beds that are currently available.

Do You Love Your Bedroom?

Guest Post By: Nancy Del Santo
Interior Designer Secrets For Creating Your Dream Master Suite
Founder ~ AskDecor

Your master bedroom should be one of the BEST rooms in your house. Too often, it’s an after thought. Change that today with these 4 interior designer secrets and fall in love with your master bedroom.

1. When you walk into the room, your eyes should immediately focus on a gorgeous bed.
To make a grand statement, we try to have the bed facing you when you enter the room. Don’t be afraid of windows. We’ve put beds in front of windows and we’ve camouflaged poorly placed windows with a “wall of fabric” when necessary to achieve this goal.
Once we have the bed placed in the room, it’s time to have fun selecting a wonderful headboard, bed frame or canopy. Which one for you? Look at pictures in magazines and online to see if you prefer wood, fabric, metal, or a painted finish. Remember that you’ll have the bed a long time so buy once, buy better, and buy a more classic style.

2. Your bedding should feel luxurious.
There are some wonderful companies that make fabulous bedding. Rather than look at thread count, we recommend that you do the touch test.
Along with luxurious sheets, add some color and texture to your bed. We like to do this with a custom-made bed skirt, beautiful pillows, and a fabulous throw or duvet cover for the bed. Typically, we mix patterns and textures to make each of these items interesting.

3. The colors in your master bedroom should make you look fabulous.
Look to your wardrobe and recall when you get compliments. Which makeup hues look best on you?
Paint the walls a restful color that compliments your skin tone. Or find great wallpaper that does the same.
Be aware that bold, energetic colors may keep you awake at night. If you love these colors, consider introducing them in smaller ways in your bedroom or in grey tinted tones that are more restful versions of the colors you love.
Install lighting throughout the room to enhance the colors. Install dimmers to help create mood lighting.
Mix up the type of lighting in your master bedroom. If you have the ceiling height, consider a chandelier. It is an instant mood enhancer. You can also consider using pendants over your nightstands or over a seating area.

4. No matter how small you master bedroom might be, create the illusion of space.
Consider putting drawers inside your closets or having built-ins made to maximize storage without cluttering the room with furniture.
Size your nightstands to what is appropriate to the room. If your room is really small, float the nightstands off the floor.
Personalize your room with things that are important to you but get rid of all that extra stuff that makes a room feel cluttered. Remember, this is your retreat from the world. Don’t let a messy stack of papers detract from the spa-like feeling you are trying to inspire.

About the author:
Nancy Del Santo is founder of AskDecor, an interior design firm offering online programs to help you create your perfect home. Go to and sign up for our free guide showing the best online shopping for your home.

How to buy the best nightstand for you!

aviation furniture, restoration hardwrae nightstand
Aviator style Restoration Hardware nightstand

Let’s take a moment and recognize all the “stuff” we keep in/on our nightstands….clocks, books, pens, glasses, cell phones, water bottle, medicine, tissue, reading lights, flower vases, picture frames, sex toys, souvenirs, flashlights, journal, hand cream, ear plus…and the list goes on!

The truth is that everyone has different needs, and I’ve designed enough bedrooms to know that nightstands need to serve many functions.
So how do you pick the right one? Well, we’ve come up with a simple guide to help you find out:

metal and wood nighstand, modern nightstand
Metal and wood nightstand
Reclaimed wood nighstand
Reclaimed wood nightstand

1. Measure up! – I’m not actually talking about the width of the nightstand; I’m talking about measuring your bed height! One common mistake people make is they pair up their bed with a nightstand that is either way too high or way too low for them. The top of your bedside table should be just about in line with your mattress, or a few inches taller.

2. Need a drawer or two? Some of you don’t need anything accept for a clock, but others need as much storage as they can get! So decide how much you really need to keep at your bedside…and let’s clean the clutter while we’re at it. If you can live with only 1 drawer, then try and option like this from It has a large opening at the bottom that makes it feel less massive and heavy.

modern nightstand
WS Home nightstand

3. Shape – Many of us think a nightstand has to be a bulky square box! But that’s not true. I have often used round end tables to solve space problems by tucking them into little corners of the room. Check out this sleek modern nightstand from It’s made from metal and has clean modern lines that can fit in a very tight spot.

Room and Board Metal Nightstand

4. Do they need to match?? – NO! The design gods will not come down and strike you dead if you have one round and one rectangular bedside table. Having said that, if you are going to “risk it” and have 2 pieces that are different, then try to get them to match up in height. This way, if you put the same table lamp on each of them, they will line up to create visual balance.

5. Be creative! – If you find an end table, travel chest, tree stump, or want to mix 2 pieces of furniture, go ahead! I currently use a stacked set of vintage suitcases for my night table! Below is a great example from They layered an organic tree trunk and simple X leg table and it looks great!

West Elm Tree Trunk

If our little guide helped, share it!
Just remember that your nightstand is usually the first and last piece of furniture you see every day, so pick something you love!