Long Hallways… Friend or Foe?

A long hallway can either be a reminder of a scary movie or walk on the runway- a.k.a disastrous or fabulous! Here are a few helpful tips to inspire and make you think twice about hallways!

  1. Define the space. Use a runner, artwork, benches and lighting to actually create a design in the hallway. Not only that, it will add color, texture and warmth. 
  2. Make a statement! The hallway doesn’t just have to be 2 white walls. Add dramatic lighting, pops of color with art or large printed wallpaper. This space can be used to tell any story you want.
  3. Create an optical illusion. If this hallway is your problem area, you can create an illusion to make it look a certain way with the sizes, colors and pieces you choose. For example, if your hallway needs to open up, add a mirror and lighting to illuminate the area . If your hallway is way too long without anything going on, add a console or small accent chairs to fill the empty space.

The designers of the hallway spaces above really thought outside of the box to create a one of kind look in something that is usually left so empty! Patterned runners, painted ceilings, over-sized artwork and mirrors- the sky is the limit when it comes to interior design! We pulled a few unique pieces from a few of our favorite stores that will really add a punch to a hallway design.

A.S.D. Interiors hallway design picks!
A.S.D. Interiors hallway design picks!

Latest project update: Little details which can make a big difference…

I’m sharing some pictures of a project I worked on in which I used a lot of small details to change the atmosphere of an entire space. It wasn’t a complete makeover, but more like a “freshen up” for my client. My challenge was to find ways to update the room with pieces that could keep the traditional atmosphere, while adding a small hint of contemporary detail.

Overall view of the living and dining room.

Above is a picture of the living room, looking towards the dining room. I selected a beautiful pendant light fixture to glow above the dining area as well as added two tall floor lamps with white scrolled bases to flank the large white sofa. This adds balance and height to the sofa area. You may also notice the contemporary blue artwork in the dining area. The colors of these beautiful pieces added to the accents in the living area, but gave it a modern touch.

On the sofa I have decorative cushions to match the color in the rug’s design. This added some more balance to the room as it added another layer off my accent color. I carefully chose dining chairs which matched both the white sofa and the brown chairs. They have lovely linen upholstery with beautiful nail head details and diamond tufting. This accentuated the traditional elements of the space and makes the dining area look more elegant. Lots of flowers and candles throughout the room add a gentle touch, and give the room a fresh feel.

Details of the coffee table and area rug.

One of my favorite pieces was the oval glass coffee table I used in the living area. Not only is it a very fluid shape to move around, but I also love it because of the mirror at the base which reflects light and adds to the glow of the room. I sprinkled it with candles and flowers to give it a casual, natural feeling. I feel that books often make a good selection of table top items, because they can provide guests with something to look at while you might be busy.

View from the dining area

In this picture you can see the small details which I’ve included on the dining room table. I used white plates to set the dining area and then one small blue plate to coordinate the two main colors in the room. I used different flowers for the centerpiece and added a mix of porcelain china to give the table some variety and more natural colors. I used a white runner down the center table to give the table a clean, pristine feel. Above is the gorgeous light fixture which has details of hanging crystal. The drapes are a softer gray with contemporary lines framing each window, adding height to the space, and create the continuity between this elegant living and dining area.

Dashing Doggy Beds

Our dogs are our best friends, so we would naturally want them to live in comfort. Some of us don’t know what it’s like to sleep without our dogs while others make sure that their dogs have their very own personal doggy beds. Now, doggy beds come in all different styles, sizes, shapes and colors…so why just settle for a simple, massively sized pillow for our dogs to lounge on when they can literally have their own “bed” or “sofa”?

These days, a lot of clients request their interior designers incorporate an area into the space being designed for the dog to be comfortable. Sometimes, the dog’s area to lounge looks exactly like the rest of the furniture in the space, and sometimes the dog’s bed is completely unique. There are lots of different design ideas available for you to choose from when it comes to finding a bed for your best friend.

Here are some pictures of some of the fun and unique pet beds that are currently available.

Liking the “Lichen”

Sometimes, it can be difficult having plants in a room if there is not enough access to light, water, air and space. To make matters worse, if you did put a plant in a space like that, the chances of the plan survivng aren’t very great…

There’s a fun, new alternative to solve your problems when it comes to plant placement. Hangable sections of “lichen” (more commonly known as Reindeer Moss) are becoming more commonly used in home decorating. This particular type of lichen doesn’t need any air, water, light, care or maintaining which makes it even more appealling in some cases. This lichen is called . The plant comes mounted into a resin base that is ready to hang.

What makes this “Moss Tile” even more appealling is that it comes in various colors, which can expand your options for colors and textures for the room. Moss Tile is also available in the following colors:
Wasabi (a lighter shade of green)
Liquirizia (a darker shade of gray)
Menta (a slightly darker tone of green, not forest green)
Cumino (a mix of orange and burnt orange)
Green Pepper (a shade of lighter green with the occasional spot of a darker green)
Zafferano (a lighter shade of orange, closer to a darker shade of yellow)
Paprika (a fun, brighter pink)
Cassis (a pretty combination of a navy blue and a violet)
Malva (a lighter, softer purple)
Red Pepper (a lighter, more vibrant mix of red and a darker pink)

If you wish to make your own Moss Tile, you can buy some Reindeer Moss and plywood to craft your own.

Farm Fresh Bedrooms!

A.S.D. Interiors is excited to present you with another wonderful guest blog post… Enjoy!

Even if you don’t live in the country or on a farm, you can still decorate your bedroom in farmhouse or country chic home décor.  This look is a somewhat similar to the shabby chic look, but think more rustic, less delicate.  Think woody browns, taupe, deeper greens like hunter and pine– basically the sort of colors you’re likely to find countryside can be used to inspire your bedroom’s color palette.  Just take a look at some of these images for farm fresh inspiration.


This bedroom, in a converted French barn is simple, tranquil and surprisingly sophisticated.  When incorporating farmhouse chic into your bedroom, remember to keep it simple.  A simple bed made up in white sheets, with a rustic wooden table at the foot of the bed and a quaint nightstand are all you need to get this look.  Add a contemporary accent chair for an interesting twist.


Here’s a bedroom in a converted space (you can see the outline of a pit on the brick accent wall), that’s much more dainty and feminine.  The color palette is neutral in antique white and rose and the decor is accented by a pretty chandelier.


This converted studio in an attic is cozy, chic and serene.  The wood slats and brick walls have been painted white.  The floor is painted white as well, but the natural color of a dark wood shows through.  Paint your floors, walls and shutters white – don’t use primer – to get this look.  Let the natural colors show through.  The use of wall art also adds a really nice touch!


Here’s a simple, yet lovely, bedroom that sticks to brown, gray and taupe for a farmhouse chic look.  The wrought iron bed frame makes it feminine without being too fussy and the raw grain and color of the  room’s wooden slats and frame keep it rustic.


Here’s a bedroom that uses the farmhouse for inspiration, literally; old barn doors have been used as the headboard.  What’s so unexpected about this bedroom, however, is not just that pretty antique chandelier, but also the ceiling’s intricate moulding.

As seen in these beautiful bedrooms, farmhouse style can be chic.  Use a rustic color palette of wood, brown, taupe and white, make a fluffy white bed, and if you can, look for antique or vintage items to get the look just right.

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How to buy the best nightstand for you!

aviation furniture, restoration hardwrae nightstand
Aviator style Restoration Hardware nightstand

Let’s take a moment and recognize all the “stuff” we keep in/on our nightstands….clocks, books, pens, glasses, cell phones, water bottle, medicine, tissue, reading lights, flower vases, picture frames, sex toys, souvenirs, flashlights, journal, hand cream, ear plus…and the list goes on!

The truth is that everyone has different needs, and I’ve designed enough bedrooms to know that nightstands need to serve many functions.
So how do you pick the right one? Well, we’ve come up with a simple guide to help you find out:

metal and wood nighstand, modern nightstand
Metal and wood nightstand
Reclaimed wood nighstand
Reclaimed wood nightstand

1. Measure up! – I’m not actually talking about the width of the nightstand; I’m talking about measuring your bed height! One common mistake people make is they pair up their bed with a nightstand that is either way too high or way too low for them. The top of your bedside table should be just about in line with your mattress, or a few inches taller.

2. Need a drawer or two? Some of you don’t need anything accept for a clock, but others need as much storage as they can get! So decide how much you really need to keep at your bedside…and let’s clean the clutter while we’re at it. If you can live with only 1 drawer, then try and option like this from WShome.com. It has a large opening at the bottom that makes it feel less massive and heavy.

modern nightstand
WS Home nightstand

3. Shape – Many of us think a nightstand has to be a bulky square box! But that’s not true. I have often used round end tables to solve space problems by tucking them into little corners of the room. Check out this sleek modern nightstand from Roomandboard.com. It’s made from metal and has clean modern lines that can fit in a very tight spot.

Room and Board Metal Nightstand

4. Do they need to match?? – NO! The design gods will not come down and strike you dead if you have one round and one rectangular bedside table. Having said that, if you are going to “risk it” and have 2 pieces that are different, then try to get them to match up in height. This way, if you put the same table lamp on each of them, they will line up to create visual balance.

5. Be creative! – If you find an end table, travel chest, tree stump, or want to mix 2 pieces of furniture, go ahead! I currently use a stacked set of vintage suitcases for my night table! Below is a great example from westelm.com. They layered an organic tree trunk and simple X leg table and it looks great!

West Elm Tree Trunk

If our little guide helped, share it!
Just remember that your nightstand is usually the first and last piece of furniture you see every day, so pick something you love!

The 4 part guide to selecting the right countertop surface for you:

Stone Pit Vermont

Have you ever shopped for a countertop material and felt like it was so overwhelming your head was going to explode?

Well I am going to take away all the confusion with a simple guide I have created. It’s a small excerpt from my E-Book I am writing (which of course you’ll check out when it’s available, right?). This should help you get some clarity of the options as well as a few designer tips I’ve thrown in for you.

So here is a simple “short list” breakdown of the basics.

1. Quartz – One of the world’s strongest minerals! Currently in the American market, this is the most popular product for kitchen and bathroom countertop. You may have heard of several large companies like Caesar stone, Sile Stone, and Euro stone etc.
This is one of the strongest materials available for countertops! Why, you ask? That’s because it is a combination of natural stone and a man made polymer (or glue). The natural stone is grinded and compressed together with man made glue to make an outrageously strong material. One other great quality is that it is VERY consistent in color. So for those of you looking for a modern clean look, this is the best way to go.

*A Tip- for those of you looking for a GREEN solid surface option, this also falls into the Quartz category. Companies like Terrazzo and Caesar Stone create their product in the same way, but also used recycled glass and other objects in making the slabs.

Caesar Stone

2. Granite – This is also a great material that is very strong and has a lot of natural beauty. However, unlike quartz, it varies greatly in color and pattern. If you appreciate the natural beauty of the patterns, veins, and colors that are in slabs, then this is the best option for you. I will also throw into this category a few softer natural materials like marble, limestone, and onyx. These show their natural beauty in the same way that granite does.

*A Tip – Before selecting one of these softer natural stones, think about the area that you are installing it. Does it have high traffic? If so, you need to keep in mind that this is a natural element that will need maintenance. The shine of a marble countertop on a kitchen island will dull over time and will need to be buffed and sealed to keep its glorious sheen.

Granite Slab

3. Manmade – A great man made product is Corian by DuPont. You may remember this as a nasty pink material from the 80’s, but it has a lot of popularity in the European market as a highly contemporary and sleek looking option. The great thing about this product is that it has a lot of room to mold and form into many shapes. I’ve seen complete kitchens made of this material where the sink and cabinet side panels are all integrated as one piece…and it’s beautiful! Not to mention very easy to clean!

*A Tip – If using this in a retail space, a very cool feature is that you can backlit it for a lovely glow! It’s an inexpensive option that gives a huge impact!

4. Other – Left are the other options of tile, concrete, wood, stainless steel, and laminate. Yes budget can play a huge roll in your selection for countertops, but here are the other things you should think about:

a. How much use (and abuse) will the surface have?
b. What is the overall style of the space?

Lastly, take into consideration that the countertop material is a horizontal surface and it is the equivalent of about 25% of the overall look in a kitchen or bathroom. The more visible items are the cabinets, walls, and flooring….so, try not to lose sleep over your decision.