Why pattern is so important

Have you ever walked into a room that was so well designed and you thought “How in the heck did the designer think to put all this random stuff together and make it look so damn good???” Well its not magic (sort of) but it is a combination of pattern used correctly with scale and layering.

I get this question a lot from clients: “If I have too much pattern in a space, isn’t it going to look too busy and feel like there is too much going on?” and the answer is Hell No!! 😉 The truth is that a well curated space with a variety of pattern done in the right scale is the most beautiful and layered way to design a room. I often use the reference of a high end hotel. As a designer, I can’t help myself when I walk around a hotel or high end restaurant and I start touching all the walls and finishes. I’m sure people see me and think I am totally nuts. Those are some of the best places to see the way mixing pattern can make a place look amazing and so unique.  I like to bring up the fact that luxury hotels could have 20-30 different finishes and materials in a space, and then clients  realize that YES! in fact there are a bunch of finishes and patterns in those spaces. So when its done right it makes for amazing design. In my opinion its safe and easy to play it simple, but just like nature, there is pattern in everything. So please embrace the idea and when in doubt don’t shy away from using pattern.

Photo by Erika Bierman for ASD Interiors

Vintage furniture is here to stay!

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Sometimes I look at the trends on TV as a reference for what is popular and what is interesting to the consumer today. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but it looks like more and more TV shows are focusing on refurbishing junkyard items and making old products new again. It usually consists of an all over search for that special “salvage” item and the reuse of it into a spectacular piece of furniture or household object.
Although there has always been a strong following for antiques and flea market finds, it seemed that within the last 5 years or so the trend had died down. But, I think it’s back and it’s here to stay!!
So, do you want my thoughts on why? Of course you do…Well I think it is because Americans have decided it’s time to stop being wasteful and to start being creative!! They feel like the hunt for something to reuse is much more exciting than just going to a store and pickup up another run-of-the-mil item. They want something unique! Something with a story and with a past! Isn’t it more exciting to have something unique anyways?
In addition to this is the cost factor. The fun and excitement here is having found something for dirt cheap and fixing it for much less than what it would cost if you bought it in a store.
And finally there is the GREEN factor. Let’s not forget how green this can be, right? Furniture and home accessories that are reused, reupholstered, and repainted are all very green options for your home. It is completely recycling something and repurposing it. So, for someone who is Earth conscious and wants to strengthen their green power, this is perfect!
So don’t be afraid to stretch your creativity and check out a flea market, second hand stores, yard sales, or junk yard to see what kind of treasure you can find. You may be surprised because after all, “Ones mans junk, is another man’s treasure!”