5 Must Haves For Transforming Your Dining Room

A dining room can be so much more than just a table and chairs, so today we are here to prove that to you! There are a few key componenets that will really turn your room around! No matter what your style or budget is, these helpful tips are for everyone! Notice the attention to detail in the inspiration photos below that each designer considered; chair selection, lighting, mirrors, centerpieces and art work..

Bright and beautiful dining room by interior design Jonathon Adler

1. Stand out chairs will create a unique atmosphere for a dining room. Many times chairs will get lost if they match TOO much with the dining table! So mix it up and add different textures, color, patterns, ect. Another way to grab attention is to use different colors and materials for the captain chairs and the accent chairs.

Dining room designed by Katie Leede

2. Another important design element to consider is unique lighting. Not only will a great     chandelier add a huge impact, it will create a specific mood. In Tim Clarke’s design below, he did an amazing job at focusing on the lighting fixture with an oversized pendant. Elements to consider while choosing lighting for a dining room is the size, shape, material and color.

Interior Designer Tim Clarke’s Coastal Modern Dining Room

3. Details in the design of a room are what will bring a room to life! Just like every other room, the dining room needs accessories as well, which is where the centerpiece comes into play. Many times people leave their dining tables undressed and that is what your room may be missing! Classic centerpieces such as candles or a floral arrangement always look great but there is also a way to step out of the box. Adding multiple items in various heights will add interest to your table as well as create a more proportional scale between the dining table and the centerpiece. Check out the dining room below that we designed for our client. The room was painted in a deep dusty blue and sheer drapes diffused the natural sunlight. And we added a playful feather napkin ring to contrast all the clean white tableware.The center is filled with flowers and candles in a variety of heights and floral types.


Soothing dining room by interior designer Shirry Dolgin A.S.D. Interiors



4. Strong art Pieces can make your space much more personalized. It will add character your space and give it that extra splash of color it may need! Whether it is one outstanding piece of art or a gallery wall, both will do the trick!

Great art work for a dining space! designsponge.com

5. Mirrors are another resource for your dining room that will work wonders! The added reflection will add depth and beauty to your room, especially when reflecting a great chandelier! Check out this glamorous dining room posted on La Dolce Vita’s blog.

Mirror giving a beautiful reflection of the space! paloma81.blogspot.com

Favorite Design Blogs

Working in the design industry, I’m exposed to many talented individuals whether it is another designer, a blogger, an artist, or an architect. I admire their work as artist everyday and thought I would share with you a few of my favorite design blogs. What better way to start off the new year than with a few blogs that will inspire you! coco+kelley, design sponge, and la dolce vita are just a few you should know about…
coco+kelley is an amazing design blog that I have followed for quite some time now. With a wide range of subjects regarding the interior design and fashion industry, along with her working knowledge of interior design, editor Cassandra LaValle is someone you want to follow! coco+kelley post about subjects such as new furniture and material finds, inspiring interiors, fashion, color palettes and entertaining. They often put together a collection of furniture pieces, colors and materials,like the one below from their blog.

From the blog coco+kelley

The blog often incorporates fashion design with interior design. I love seeing how fashion relates to interior design and the blog coco+kelley does a wonderful job at showing their relation!
coco+kelley blog
coco+kelley desing blog
I look forward to the new year of interior design and what coco+kelley has to share with all of us! If you want to start following coco+kelley I have provided a link to their blog here for you! http://cocokelley.blogspot.com

Design Sponge is another amazing design blog that I always look forward to reading. Founder of Design Sponge, Grace Bonney, has been praised by Martha Stewart and has worked on all sorts of projects within the design industry from The Nate Berkus Show to writing for the New York Times. I love that this blog has the knowledge of the design world in its backing. The blog is seperated in different subjects; spaces, places, before+after, diy, entertaining, products, columns, videos and biz ladies. I can literally spend hours on this site browsing all of the different subjects and things they have to talk about! Another great feauture is that once you have clicked on a subject, they give you all sorts of ways to narrow down your search if you are looking for something specific. Under the tab ‘spaces’ you can scroll through tons of posts about different interiors, who they belong to, design inspirtaion, where they are and much more. Check out the ‘sneak peak’ below of an adorable apartment located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For more info on this apartment, take a look at their blog at http://www.designsponge.com /

Design Sponge
Design Sponge Blog
Design Sponge
This blog is one of a kind and I highly encourage you to check it out if you have not already!!

La Dolca Vita is another top design blog that I follow. Founder and editor, Paloma Contreras, blogs about travel, interior design, fashion and people. As you scroll through the blog you get all kinds of information and beautiful photographs about these subjects. I love this blog because it spends time in the details and design is all with details. This blog feautures a room and they cover all the details you would imagine, including the linen headboard to the detail on the vanity chair.

La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita

Another reason I love following this blog, is that their subjects are so different from one other. One day they post about a room design and the next they are talking about how to wear stripes and the different looks you can achieve in your wardrobe!
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita really uses great photography to grasp your attention and you can really see the different subjects vividly. I love to scroll through the blog and randomly get an image with a positive quote like this one…
La Dolce Vita
You wont leave this blog feeling dissapointed, gaurenteed! Visit La Dolce Vita here http://paloma81.blogspot.com/