All About Yellow: Living Room

Yellow has many associations such as sunny days, sunflowers, spring time, happy faces, and so many more. We love color at ASD Interiors and Yellow is our focus today! As a color in a space, it can have positive effects as well.  This sunny hue is known for representing creativity, optimism, happiness, and enlightenment.

Below we will help inspire you how to use this cheery color in your own living room!

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Yellow creates warmth and can also brighten up a room.  Designing a living room with yellow hues can create an inviting and open space.  Because a living room is typically a place for gathering with company and friends, this inviting color will surely entice your guests.  It can also be paired with great accent colors.  One of our favorite color combinations is grey with yellow!

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Accessory spruce up – Before and After!!

We all love to see the before and after of a room, so today I’m sharing a few snap shots and tips on some very fun and easy ways to spruce up your home. The saying goes that “The devil is in the details”, but what makes these touches so vital? They are what makes a space personal, unique and turns a house into a home! So here are a few tips on how I used accessories to give some spirit and personality to my clients apartment.

Recently I worked with a client who needed a quick and inexpensive facelift to her simple apartment. Luckily she had some great key furniture pieces that were neutral enough to build upon. Take a look at this quick transformation!

Before Picture

After Picture

If you are looking to add some life to your living space here are a few simple tips:

1. Add an area rug! Even if you have wall to wall carpet, its still OK to place a rug on top of it. This helps to scale the sitting area and adds color and a bit of personality! This client happened to like a traditional and elegant look, but this tip also applies if you are going for a more contemporary feel.

2. Buy pairs of 2: In this space I took 2 of her existing glass end tables and bought a pair of metallic lamps to flank her sofa. This draws attention to the main wall and creates balance.

3. When you can’t paint, improvise! This is a rental apartment so painting an accent wall wasn’t really in the cards. As a solution, I designed a wall treatment with 2 drapery panels (which added tons of height) and centered a pair of modern black and white paintings behind the sofa! Before this huge wall was blank and out of proportion, and now there is a great balance of artwork and pattern that draws your eye in.

Here are a few more pictures of the space. Notice the difference the sunburst mirror makes above the fireplace!

Sofa, drapes, art, and end tables.

Fireplace mirror

A sunburst mirror in a gold finish reflected the new room and took up that extra space above the fireplace. Also, by choosing a mirror like this one, it brings personality with its different shape. Candles, a lantern and a reflective tray topped the mantel. To finish the fireplace, two grassy beige storage bins were set on each side for books, movies and throw blankets!

Now, lets take a look at the entry. The entry is the first and last place you see when coming and going into your home. Which also means it needs to be functional and organized! What was once a boring shoe dumping ground is now an inviting and organized space equipped with shoe storage, a place for keys/mail, and decorative accents. The red artwork above really brought life into this small entry.

A.S.D. Interiors

We had such a great time decorating the space and it never seizes to amaze us how much of difference these few touches will make to a room!!

Get THE look!!

Do you ever find yourself flipping through your favorite magazines, wondering how you could ever achieve that look for a reasonable price? Well, today we are going to prove to you that it’s truly possible to achieve the same chic look for less! To show you how, I’ve selected a few beautifully designed spaces that you can use as inspiration in your home.

Below is a gorgeous family room that clearly resembles luxury and sophistication. This simplistic color scheme of black and white captures that luxurious look perfectly, making you focus on the detail of the room. The zebra print rug pops with the clear coffee table above. The black mid century modern bench is a great contrast with the soft white settee across the room. A lightness to the room is captured with all white walls. A polished black grand piano and sleek black hanging pendant are the perfect finishes to add dimension to the overall look. These are the details that help define the look in this room.

Now you can check out my alternate selections below to create a room similar in style but not in price!

You may be aware that last month twenty-six top designers from the country were chosen to design the Maison de Luxe in Beverly Hills. Each designer was given a room to design. After I did a walk through of the finished mansion I instantly fell in love with Jamie Drake’s design of the first floor living room. This room is astonishing to be in! The vibrant colors and patterns organically flow together creating a work of art! This room truly is one of a kind!! A perfect proportion of color was used in this room, much like the large painting by Lana Gomez hung on the wall. The painting acts as an inspiration to the entire space, incorporating hues in yellow, coral and deep purple. This room has unique features such as the deep purple drum shades and the use of lustrous materials on the tables and chairs. A defining touch is the colorful patch patterned natural rug! Although this space does have a lot of color and pattern, pops of white kept the room from getting a messy look!!

If you are as inspired as I was from this room, here are some great finds to recreate a little Maison de Luxe of your own!

Converting a Space

If space is limited in your home try thinking of creative ways to still obtain that private office or extra den you’ve always wanted. Today there are many convenient ways to convert a space to an entirely different purpose. A very popular conversion is the room-to-closet change. This is one of the easiest changes you can make in your home, as the basics just include installing clothing rods and a wardrobe wall unit. The wall unit will allow for storage via shelves and drawers. For the individual looking to do this on their own, a great option for the wardrobe system are the collections from Ikea. With these, you can select from a variety of set ups that will custom create your perfect closet wall unit. It’s easy, and often much more affordable can having a custom unit designed and built from scratch.

For a quick and easy room conversion, we often see the closet-to-office. This is easily done by simply finding a desk that will fit within the dimensions of the given closet, with a chair that can be tucked under the desk without interfering with the closet door. This is a great way to create a unique space to work without taking away from any other room. For those living in small spaces, it can be difficult to find an empty space for a workplace, and a closet can often be just the right solution.

For those looking for a newfound living space, many turn to their garages. Converting a garage into a den is a great way to add a room to a home without any major construction. While this conversion is much more complicated than the previous listed, it can still provide you with quite a bit of new space. To do this correctly, you will need to remove the garage door and seal off the open space with dry wall. This can require a contractor, but will be far less costly than constructing an entirely new structure. Remember to include a functional window in this new wall to keep the room to code. Most garages have unfinished ceilings, and while this does depend on taste, the space will feel far more complete if you finish off the ceiling. Beyond those basic steps, all it takes is some new flooring, paint, and furniture!

All of the above are great ways to accommodate for your needs without any drastic construction. Converting a space can redefine your living environment, and provide new rooms where there are none!