From Your Closet To Your Living Room

The fashion world is one demanding industry. But despite its reputation for being so pretentiously high strung, it is where some of the most brilliant designers reside. As season’s change these designers develop new and fresh fashions for women, men, teens, and kids, ranging from sportswear to evening wear, chic to trendy…whatever the case each fashion must be clean, beautiful, modern and stylish, but most importantly appealing to the everyday consumer.
The world of interior design is no different, and the transition from fashion for your back to fashion for your home has proved to be a fairly simple one for some of our favorite fashion idols. Designers such as Versaci, Calvin Klein, Fendi, Armani, Mark Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren to name a few, have successfully mastered the trade of home accessory, home decor, bedding, or fabric design.

Home Collection by Calvin Klein

Versaci Home Collection

Fendi Casa Collection

If You’re Bored…You’re Boring

So there is this strange and sadly common misconception that using the color grey in interior spaces is a drab direction to go in. Some people believe that by using grey as a primary color in a room; most often on walls, it will in turn convey a dull or apathetic feeling to the individual occupying the space.
The truth is grey is one of the most luxurious and versatile colors to use in a space. It can be used cohesively with beautiful charcoals, blacks and browns to create a romantic and lavish dining room, or as a clean palette to enhance bright, saturated accent colors in a trendy living area. There are also so many beautiful wallpaper and wallcoverings to choose from that can enhance the appeal to virtually any space. No matter the occupant, grey is gender neutral and an absolute brilliant direction to go in to satisfy any sex sharing one unit.