Recent Installation of a masculine master bedroom

I couldn’t help but share the snap shots of a recent installation I did! I’m really excited about this masculine master bedroom because I was lucky enough to have a client that trusted me to “do my magic” without too many restrictions…. and that made the creative process so fun!

Masculine master bedroom
Masculine master bedroom

I started with the color palette and fabric choices. The room has a tall vaulted ceiling and gets lots of natural light, and since this was for a single gentleman, I wanted to use a deeper and richer color combination than I normally am able to use. The mixture of taupe, gray, onyx, and ivory are what make up the layers in the space.

Almost every item was custom made! From the upholstered wall panels, framed king bed, over sized nigh stands, mirrors and wall pendants. Also the custom leather chair that sits on front of the “mail post” wallpaper is probably one of my favorite elements of the room. Yes that wall paper is a bunch of vintage style postage stamps! LOVE IT!

So please take a look through the details and enjoy the design. If you have any questions about the items in this room, please feel free to contact our office!

Thank you West Elm…

Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to West Elm for sharing the room I designed on there blog!! I use there products all the time and I’m thrilled that they have selected to feature my work!!
Check it out here. I’ve added a few more pictures of that room for you to check out below…

Shirry Dolgin on West Elm blog
Shirry Dolgin on West Elm blog

View of the fireplace, designed by Shirry Dolgin
View into the kitchen, designed by Shirry dolgin
View of dining room, designed by Shirry Dolgin
View of living room, designed by Shirry Dolgin

Guest blog post: Five essentials for a modern living room…

Today we have the pleasure of a lovely guest blog post. Enjoy!

Simple. Sleek. Stylish. These three words are the descriptive pillars of modern design, and when it comes to designing a living room, they serve as invaluable style guidelines. Above all else, modern design balances its use of space with a straightforward style focused on functionality, straight lines and solid colors. If you’ve been dreaming of transforming your out-of-date family den into a modern living room, start with these five essential elements:

Designer Couch
It is essential to choose furniture built with clean, straight lines; heavier patterns tend to be trendier and fall out of style quickly, whereas simplicity is timeless. Modern designs incorporate sleek materials like hard plastics, glass, metal, or recycled products. It balances open space with functionality, creating visual interest with understated pieces. Depending on the size of the room, a couch usually offers the best choice for formal seating. It needs to be functional without any ornamental features, but definitely comfortable enough for residents and guests to sit on as well. When possible, try to open up space with the furniture positioning; try facing the couch towards a window, a fireplace, or – best of all – opposite other seating. Placing too much furniture in a small space will detract from the cleanliness of modern design; the room should not appear too full or overdone. Keep it simple and avoid any bulky furnishings. Consider looking for European designer couches, because these almost always possess modernist designs.

Functional Coffee Table
A coffee table is essential in a modern living room. A functional coffee table serves multiple purposes. It’s a hot spot for friends to gather for cocktails or games on a weekend, as well as an office area for working on at home. Like the other furniture, the coffee table should combine clean lines with a low, streamlined look. From a two-tiered designer glass table to hard plastic storage bins topped with a heavy piece of tempered glass, a functional coffee table can reflect your personal sense of style.

Luxurious Area Rug
A rug is often one of the only accessories to use a soft texture or a patterned design in a modern living room setting. Hints of the rug’s pattern or color often reappear in artwork or another artistic accessory to give the room a cohesive look. This serves an important purpose, as the placement and color of the perfect rug can pull the key elements together. The rug is often positioned in front of the couch or under the coffee table. The size of an area rug is important; it needs to be large enough to place under the front edge of the couch and extend just beyond the chairs on the other side of the coffee table.

Minimalist Chairs
If space allows, place two small chairs directly across from the couch for the purpose of additional seating. Coordinate or contrast the solid color of the couch with the chairs, or – if you’re feeling ambitious – opt to use an abstract or geometric pattern. Look for straight clean lines for these extra pieces, as minimalistic chairs are an unmistakable element of modern interior design. Extra seating can also reflect your personal taste and creativity; if you have carpentry or furnishing skills, try to repurpose another item – like a small stool – to serve as a seat. You can use your imagination to think of items to use for making extra seats, just remember to keep it functional and streamlined.

Chic Accessories
Just the right amount of accessories is essential in modern design. Use accessories sparingly to accent colors and designs in the room. Artwork on walls should be large, but still small enough that they refrain from “taking over” the room. Choose an abstract piece reflecting a hint of color or pattern found in the area rug. Avoid filling up the wall; one large piece on either side of a window is all you need to add visual appeal. A few solid pillows can also splash color in the room as long as you are careful to keep the look simple.

Focusing on these five essential elements can help you create the modern living room of your dreams. Just clear out the room, paint the walls a solid color and start designing! You can find all kinds of great design sites on line. Browse through some modern furniture sites and check out couches and chairs to get an idea for your own modern living room.

How to buy the best nightstand for you!

aviation furniture, restoration hardwrae nightstand
Aviator style Restoration Hardware nightstand

Let’s take a moment and recognize all the “stuff” we keep in/on our nightstands….clocks, books, pens, glasses, cell phones, water bottle, medicine, tissue, reading lights, flower vases, picture frames, sex toys, souvenirs, flashlights, journal, hand cream, ear plus…and the list goes on!

The truth is that everyone has different needs, and I’ve designed enough bedrooms to know that nightstands need to serve many functions.
So how do you pick the right one? Well, we’ve come up with a simple guide to help you find out:

metal and wood nighstand, modern nightstand
Metal and wood nightstand
Reclaimed wood nighstand
Reclaimed wood nightstand

1. Measure up! – I’m not actually talking about the width of the nightstand; I’m talking about measuring your bed height! One common mistake people make is they pair up their bed with a nightstand that is either way too high or way too low for them. The top of your bedside table should be just about in line with your mattress, or a few inches taller.

2. Need a drawer or two? Some of you don’t need anything accept for a clock, but others need as much storage as they can get! So decide how much you really need to keep at your bedside…and let’s clean the clutter while we’re at it. If you can live with only 1 drawer, then try and option like this from It has a large opening at the bottom that makes it feel less massive and heavy.

modern nightstand
WS Home nightstand

3. Shape – Many of us think a nightstand has to be a bulky square box! But that’s not true. I have often used round end tables to solve space problems by tucking them into little corners of the room. Check out this sleek modern nightstand from It’s made from metal and has clean modern lines that can fit in a very tight spot.

Room and Board Metal Nightstand

4. Do they need to match?? – NO! The design gods will not come down and strike you dead if you have one round and one rectangular bedside table. Having said that, if you are going to “risk it” and have 2 pieces that are different, then try to get them to match up in height. This way, if you put the same table lamp on each of them, they will line up to create visual balance.

5. Be creative! – If you find an end table, travel chest, tree stump, or want to mix 2 pieces of furniture, go ahead! I currently use a stacked set of vintage suitcases for my night table! Below is a great example from They layered an organic tree trunk and simple X leg table and it looks great!

West Elm Tree Trunk

If our little guide helped, share it!
Just remember that your nightstand is usually the first and last piece of furniture you see every day, so pick something you love!

5 EASY tips for newlyweds looking to blend their furniture and identify their NEW “couple style”!

I hear it over and over again when I meet new couples, especially ones who are newly married or have just bought their first home…

“What do we do with our home if one of us likes modern furniture and the other likes traditional furniture?”

Well there is no need to worry anymore because I have a quick and easy guide to help you jump start the process and get through this little battle of MODERN VS TRADITIONAL. Below are 5 strategies I tackle to make sense of it and help you capture a style that will let both personalities shine:

1. FIRST! Make a list of all the existing furniture both of you own. Often there is one person in the couple who has WAY more “stuff” than the other. Once you look at this list, decide who has a higher percentage of items. If it’s the modern person that owns the majority of furniture and accessories, then try selecting a few traditional pieces the next time you are looking to buy new artwork or accent furniture.

2. Look at the details: If you need to purchase a few new pieces of furniture once you move in together, try to accomplish meeting each other’s needs by looking at the details in the furniture you are buying. Let’s say for example you are deciding between two armchairs and one is looking very traditional. However the other one is traditional but has modern lines, or modern leg details. This should be the piece you purchase because it is meeting both of your needs.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix styles! If let’s say each of you are bringing a house full of furniture into the new place, feel free to mix up the style, colors, and patterns so that there is a mix of each other’s personal items in every room. It’s OK to break up furniture sets and create a blend of both styles in one space!

Modern home office

4. Don’t delegate common rooms to one person only! What does this mean? Well, if there is a home office and only one of you really use that space, then go ahead and let that person have total control of the room. However, if you are organizing common area furniture, like the living room or dining room, then it has to be a blend of both parties! Unite your taste in one look that expresses things you both appreciate.

5. Remember that your taste and style is evolving and forever changing. Things that you like now will change over time and somewhere down the road both of you may end up having similar taste. It takes time for a couple to develop their own style and you need to just enjoy the process for now and have fun together!

For more in depth help, or to hire Shirry for your new home design, go to:

I can lead you to great design, but I can’t MAKE you love it.

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I really thought about that old quote the other day, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.” when my client blamed me for selecting the wrong paint color! And I thought to myself: HUH, what went wrong here?

Before the walls were painted my client gave me a magazine picture of what she wanted. I matched the paint color based on the overall style of the room, and did a few test samples for her to approve. Then once I got her approval on a color, I had my painters go ahead and paint the place.
However, I got a call that same day and the client hated the color! So I drove there at 7am the next morning to see what had happened. I walked in a bit confused because the color looked beautiful and it was exactly what I had planned for the design, but she was not happy with it.

Well obviously I want my clients to love the selections I make, whether it’s paint or furniture, and so I told her that I would try some other samples and reselect.

After weeks of testing samples, my client selected a color she liked. We had it painted and she was thrilled with the color. Keep in mind that this color hadn’t related AT ALL to the color from the magazine clip she originally showed me.

I remember this from Patti Stanger on’ “The Millionaire Matchmaker”. She always talks about how she can bring the perfect woman to you, but she can’t force you to fall in love with her, especially if you are not open to changing your old ways.

So to go back to my title of this blog…here is what I am talking about. Sometimes you hire a professional with the intensions of letting them do their job. In my case, I create the complete vision for a space down to every last detail. I guess what happened here is a case of not being ready to accept someone else making decisions and not willing to give up the control. Therefore I can’t expect each client to fall in love with what I create for them…C’est la vie!

DIY – Interior Design

DIY - Interior Design

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A.S.D. Interior is proud to announce the launch of the DIY – Interior design package. This is an all inclusive package for the DIY person who still wants the help of a professional interior designer.

What’s involved?

Well it’s simple! You want a beautifully designed space, right? But can’t afford to hire a designer, right? Well A.S.D. Interiors has a solution for you. Here is what you do.
Fill out a simple questionnaire, send us a few pictures of the space, and within 2 weeks you will receive a customized design plan for your space emailed directly to you.

What do I get?

You get everything you need to implement the design. I even go one step further to make sure everything I recommend is available for purchase online!! It doesn’t matter where you live, you don’t even have to leave your home.

You will receive:
1. A complete floor plan with a furniture layout
2. An online shopping guide for the furniture and accessories
3. A selection of paint colors
4. A DIY guide to styling the room like a professional interior designer

What does it cost?

Real simple…$250 flat fee per room. That’s it!!
Email A.S.D. Interiors to get started filling out your questionnaire.Email Me