Liking the “Lichen”

Sometimes, it can be difficult having plants in a room if there is not enough access to light, water, air and space. To make matters worse, if you did put a plant in a space like that, the chances of the plan survivng aren’t very great…

There’s a fun, new alternative to solve your problems when it comes to plant placement. Hangable sections of “lichen” (more commonly known as Reindeer Moss) are becoming more commonly used in home decorating. This particular type of lichen doesn’t need any air, water, light, care or maintaining which makes it even more appealling in some cases. This lichen is called . The plant comes mounted into a resin base that is ready to hang.

What makes this “Moss Tile” even more appealling is that it comes in various colors, which can expand your options for colors and textures for the room. Moss Tile is also available in the following colors:
Wasabi (a lighter shade of green)
Liquirizia (a darker shade of gray)
Menta (a slightly darker tone of green, not forest green)
Cumino (a mix of orange and burnt orange)
Green Pepper (a shade of lighter green with the occasional spot of a darker green)
Zafferano (a lighter shade of orange, closer to a darker shade of yellow)
Paprika (a fun, brighter pink)
Cassis (a pretty combination of a navy blue and a violet)
Malva (a lighter, softer purple)
Red Pepper (a lighter, more vibrant mix of red and a darker pink)

If you wish to make your own Moss Tile, you can buy some Reindeer Moss and plywood to craft your own.

Our Nod To Los Angeles’ Modern Restaurants

According to author Chris Nichols, ‘googie’ design expert, architectural guru, and Associate Director at Los Angeles Magazine, Los Angeles is home for amazing modern restaurant design and architecture dating back to the mid 1950s and 60s when modern and post modern architecture swept the design world by storm. To date many of these restaurants still exist and flourish with the surge of economy in the last sixty years (not counting the recent devastation) and have only grown drastically in admiration and aesthetic quality. Modern restaurant design today though beautiful to the eye and swanky in feel, have all been influenced in some way, shape, or form by these designs that pioneered what we now know as cool, modern architecture and design. We hate to state the obvious, but design has come a LOOONGGG way since these buildings were the “it” buildings by architectural standards, but we have to admit that Los Angeles would not be the same without the authenticity and integrity of these restaurants. Its for that reason that L.A. natives, tourists, and designers just can’t resist giving them the ‘nod’ they deserve.

FRED 62 designed by fred sutherland and chef fred eric in 1997

CHIPS RESTAURANT designed by harry harrison in 1957

BONAVISTA LOUNGE designed in 1967 by john portman

ENCOUNTER RESTAURANT designed & built in 1961 by welton becket, luckman and pereira and paul williams architects

FORMER HOLIDAY BOWL COFFEE SHOP designed and built by armet and davis architects in 1957

MEL'S DRIVE IN by lane and schick architects, designed in 1962

STANDARD HOTEL'S '24/7 RESTAURANT' modernly designed by cloud beelman in 1955

NORMS RESTAURANT designed by eldon davis of armet, davis, and newlove architects

THE DONUT HOLE designed in 1968

THE WORLDS OLDEST MCDONALDS designed in 1953 by the famous stanley c. meston

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Eye Candy

Here are a few products we are falling madly in love with by the day….

Lightstreams fused glass tile is eye-catchingly beautiful. Its stunning iridescent finish enables it to catch light at any angle in an undoubtedly interesting way. This glass tile can be applied virtually anywhere…as pavers and mosaics on the floor, tabletops, on walls, as accents and decorative wall pieces. They can even be applied in any desired pattern to form a custom picture or piece.

Lasari Flock Wallpaper by RomoFabrics

Z Gallerie Step Mirrors

Z Gallerie Couture Art Pieces A statement making art piece can quickly add a modern touch to any room. Stand it up on a mantle, or simply let it rest against a wall. Large pieces of art don’t always need to be hung up…especially these Couture pieces by Z Gallerie. Pieces such as these can easily be stood at floor level and transform a drab space to something surprisingly trendy and modern.

…we have our eye on you.

Mies van der Rohe

Barcelona Couch by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (March 27, 1886 – August 17, 1969) has made a lasting impact on the interior design and architectural community. His brilliant innovation has shaped the way we view modern design. Timeless, classic pieces such as the above shown Barcelona Couch continue to be reproduced and used in both contemporary and traditional spaces across the globe. The versatility of van der Rohe’s designs play a large role in their popularity, as his furniture can sit comfortably in many different types of spaces.

Krefeld Lounge Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

The genius work of Ludwig van der Rohe is an extraordinary example of how classic, clean lines can withstand both time and style.