Color of the month… “Burnt Red”!

This summer we are indulging into the warmest color of them all… red! And not just any red, burnt red. It has a deep and vibrant appeal attracting attention with even the tiniest splash of its shade. Today, we are going to share with you a few of our favorite burnt red products, ideas and inspiration!

With this color it is easy to transform any room from dull to lively! Many stores are stocking up with some great red products that also have some really interesting and unique patterns. Check out some of favorite things from West Elm, Pottery Barn & World Market below!Since this color is so bold, it is really important to not overdo it, especially in a room where you want to keep the mood soothing and relaxing. Getting a multicolored pattern (like the one on the bench above) is the perfect way to break up the intense color. Also, patterns will help you bring in more colors and make it easier to create the color pallete you want to stick with. Without completely re-doing (and spending a ton of non refundable cash) adding pops of red to your drapery, wall color, pillows, lighting or accent chairs can make a big difference. Pair this color with greys, yellows, whites, navy blue or even aqua! Not sure where to start? Check out some inspiration pics we gathered below…
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Color of the Week: RED

Maybe it’s the synonymy with romance, maybe it’s just the beauty in it’s undertones…whatever the case is red is on the brain, and doing it so well. Lately we’ve had an urge to paint the town red, the beauty in the color is undeniable and has the power to transform an undesirable space to a fun, energetic area…or a sexy, mood setting atmosphere. What we love is the drastic difference in ambiance two shades of red can make…one poppy and fun, and one warm and sultry, depending on the amount of darker hue used to make the color in the mixing process. Of course, there are a variety of ways to use the color, and options as we all know are never limited to simple paint. As mentioned in previous blogs a borderline sick obsession of ours is wallpaper and textured wall coverings. Selecting a single wall to be daring with, or even making the alcove in your space a new focal point is an option that is sure to turn heads.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?…What’s your color of the week?