Product Review!! Shop Novica…

We recently came across this wonderful company called Novica, an online store that has tons of great finds, and thought we would share the great experience we had shopping them! Novica features authentic products created by artisans from around the world. They also work closely with National Geographic to find some of the most interesting products and have them readily available to the public! Anytime I find a gem like this I try to share it……Its Awesome!

Recently, we were working on a living room space that was a mix of bright colorful hues but we also had to incorporate their one of kind collections from their travels around the world.  We knew right away that Novica would have some great finds for our client to add to their existing collection.

The first thing that jumped out at me was this carved wood vase that had a contemporary edge to it- it would be perfect for this space we were designing! A piece like this is a great addition to a bookcase or mantel. We had to purchase this right on the spot! When it arrived it came in the most adorable packaging that looked like a present that a friend had sent over- a lot of attention to detail with a special note connected telling the story of the product. I was pleased to find this product looked even better in person and not only that had the smoothest touch!

photo 1333111

As you can see, this adds so much dimension and texture to the space!

Another item we ordered was an ethnic looking urn. This piece also came wrapped really well in adorable paper! We were also so pleased with the quality of this item. Hand crafted and painted- you could actually see the finger grooves from spinning this piece! It is interesting to look at the different paintings and know that they are all different and a not created by a machine! An urn like this is perfect for a bookshelf, console or mantel to add an unique twist to your decor.

photo 2 photo 4 photo 5

One of the best things about their products is that you won’t be able to find it at your local store- it gives you a feeling that you went traveling on exotic excursion and found this. We will definitely be checking back to see what else we can find for our clients! If you are interested to see what they have, check them out at Happy shopping!