Inside Scoop on HGTV Design Wars – Episode 4

Thank you SO much Cohen family and HGTV for letting me into your home and selecting me to design the wreck room for the girls!! It was such a fun room to design and I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity to do this for you all. For those who missed Episode 4 of Design Wars on HGTV, or if you are looking for a re-cap, below are images and some info that I wanted to share.

HGTV Episode 4 - Design Wars - Designed by Shirry Dolgin

The goal was to take an unused space and transform it into a youthful and fun place for the girls to enjoy with their friends, have sleep overs, and just hang out! Here is the sketch I did of my design and below are some additional pictures of the final room.

Sketch for the wreck room
Sketch for the wreck room

It was important to carry the spirit of these energetic girls in the room. I did this through the bright color scheme, flocked magenta wallpaper, stripped purple area rug, and the chartreuse drapes and desk chairs. I balanced all this color with the bright white desks & locker storage, white mirrors, and the glass chandelier. They girls are super active and play tons of sports, but they also take part in activities such as arts and crafts and watching movies with all their friends. Therefore, this room needed to have A LOT of functionality. When laying out the space plan, the first thing I decided was to dedicate a desk space for each of them so that they wouldn’t have to worry about sharing the coveted computer time! While designing the rest of the floor plan and selecting the furniture, I chose multifunctional seating, and kept in mind size, weight, and storage! These were important in selecting the final pieces.

I sprinkled things all around the room that the girls would use for inspiration and added elements such as the chalkboard wall where they could draw and write note, and the open shelves above their desks to display family photos and other awards and trophies. All in all, the room needed to be fun!

Chalk board wall
Flocked wallpaper and accessories

Hope you enjoyed the design and the show! I would love to hear your feedback! So feel free to comment or email me directly. If you missed the show, I’ll be posting a small clip of it on Youtube in a few days, so check back in for it!

Inspiration Close to Home…

Living in Los Angeles I am constantly inspired by the architecture and design that it has to offer. There are so many hidden treasures here, from intimate lounges to boutique hotels! Just recently I was hired to do a redesign for a bed and breakfast and have found myself looking for inspiration around the world but also to designs much closer to home!! Today I want to share with you the adorable, unique Palihouse Holloway.

The design and development was overseen by the Paligroup who’s founder and creator is Avi Brosh. The Palihouse was opened in 2008 in the heart of West Hollywood! There are so many aspects of the design that I admire. As you walk into the Palihouse, it is as if you have been transported to France. Intricate details on the furniture give an added touch of European flair. I love the combination of the contemporary design with a well-traveled look. The building was inspired by the people and places that you encounter while traveling. The open floor plan was carefully designed to bring guests to connect with each other. There is plenty of opportunity for mixing and mingling with the cafe, rooftop deck, lounge and courtyard brasserie.

Each bedroom suite is designed with slightly different style and furnishings to really give each guest an intimate one of a kind experience. Their suites are equipped with luxurious kitchen and bathrooms with a simplistic design to them.

The theme of the building is carried throughout the entire space, with a French inspired menu and cocktail list to complete the mood. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in their four star restaurant or grab one of their signature cocktails!

It’s residential style gives guests a taste of both a hotel and a home. There are so many positive things to say about the Palihouse Holloway but words do not do it justice. Go see it for yourself at 8465 Holloway Drive in West Hollywood.

HGTV announces the air dates for Design Wars!

Be sure to tune in and watch “Design Wars” on HGTV starting Friday February 10th at 1pm EST!! See all the fantastic designers and their great ideas come to life!

You saw Shirry win last year on the premier episode of Design Wars, so tune in to see what happens on February 24th at 1pm EST on an all new show!! Be sure to check your local listings for air times.

Click here to get episode info on

Get THE look!!

Do you ever find yourself flipping through your favorite magazines, wondering how you could ever achieve that look for a reasonable price? Well, today we are going to prove to you that it’s truly possible to achieve the same chic look for less! To show you how, I’ve selected a few beautifully designed spaces that you can use as inspiration in your home.

Below is a gorgeous family room that clearly resembles luxury and sophistication. This simplistic color scheme of black and white captures that luxurious look perfectly, making you focus on the detail of the room. The zebra print rug pops with the clear coffee table above. The black mid century modern bench is a great contrast with the soft white settee across the room. A lightness to the room is captured with all white walls. A polished black grand piano and sleek black hanging pendant are the perfect finishes to add dimension to the overall look. These are the details that help define the look in this room.

Now you can check out my alternate selections below to create a room similar in style but not in price!

You may be aware that last month twenty-six top designers from the country were chosen to design the Maison de Luxe in Beverly Hills. Each designer was given a room to design. After I did a walk through of the finished mansion I instantly fell in love with Jamie Drake’s design of the first floor living room. This room is astonishing to be in! The vibrant colors and patterns organically flow together creating a work of art! This room truly is one of a kind!! A perfect proportion of color was used in this room, much like the large painting by Lana Gomez hung on the wall. The painting acts as an inspiration to the entire space, incorporating hues in yellow, coral and deep purple. This room has unique features such as the deep purple drum shades and the use of lustrous materials on the tables and chairs. A defining touch is the colorful patch patterned natural rug! Although this space does have a lot of color and pattern, pops of white kept the room from getting a messy look!!

If you are as inspired as I was from this room, here are some great finds to recreate a little Maison de Luxe of your own!