Computer Rendering vs Free Hand Sketching?

Guest bedroom quick free hand sketch
Guest bedroom quick free hand sketch

In my opinion, one of the most important pieces of the design process is the creation of a color sketch to visually explain the desired outcome of a design. This is the professional part that so many clients are craving and we as designers are able to offer in our list of services. But why do so many companies choose to use virtually sketching instead of hand drawn renderings?

I am absolutely not one to shy away from technology (especially as I sit next to my BlackBerry as though it is my life line) but I really feel strongly against computerized renderings for residential project. That is not to say that they don’t have their place in the commercial market for large developments and such, however, there is something so human and soft about a hand drawn rendering, be it from an artist or a quick hand armature sketcher. I think it shows a real connection between the designer and the space.

Do you agree with me? It just seems like there is such an amazement over computer renderings that is not justified. They are often very cold, stark, and lifeless. I understand that from a business standpoint there are many nice benefits…having the ability to make revisions quickly and often, as well as keeping the time for developing a rendering low.

Well it hasn’t taken me away from doing hand drawn sketches for my clients. I get such great feedback from the drawings and I think it is something that future Interior Designers should have in their toolbox of skills.

Interior Design and the Internet!!!

Interior Design Furniture - Modern chairAs an Interior Designer, one of the most valuable assets I offer to my clients are all of my resources. There are labor people, artists, and workrooms that I have great relationships with who are there for me to create what I need. Above and beyond that are all the companies and resources where I actually purchase furnishing, accessories, art etc.

It dawned on me the other day that I am so lucky to be a designer in this moment in time. Even though I have the youth and energy to wonder around countless stores….I don’t have to!! I can’t think of even 1 thing that I cannot resource online. Everything I need is available…and sometimes more than what I need.

Don’t get me wrong though…there is no substitute for going to a store and physically touching the furniture or fabric you are planning on purchasing. But once you are so familiar with materials, colors, and manufacturers, that need slowly goes away. Online shopping has gotten so sophisticated that I can tell what grade of fabric is on a chair and what material is framing a mirror just my looking at the picture and reading the description.

I can’t imagine the days when a designer had to literally drive around to source all of their items and then revisit all of the stores to make all these purchases!! It must have made them nuts and taken triple the amount of time!

Due to the vast resources from the internet I can literally design a living room or bedroom for someone across the globe, source everything out for them to buy and have delivered to their home, and never leave my office in Los Angeles. This even applies to working on an all green project or even a style specific project.

So, in honor of my enthusiasm for online shopping, below are some links to my favorite online stores….enjoy!