Dashing Doggy Beds

Our dogs are our best friends, so we would naturally want them to live in comfort. Some of us don’t know what it’s like to sleep without our dogs while others make sure that their dogs have their very own personal doggy beds. Now, doggy beds come in all different styles, sizes, shapes and colors…so why just settle for a simple, massively sized pillow for our dogs to lounge on when they can literally have their own “bed” or “sofa”?

These days, a lot of clients request their interior designers incorporate an area into the space being designed for the dog to be comfortable. Sometimes, the dog’s area to lounge looks exactly like the rest of the furniture in the space, and sometimes the dog’s bed is completely unique. There are lots of different design ideas available for you to choose from when it comes to finding a bed for your best friend.

Here are some pictures of some of the fun and unique pet beds that are currently available.

Liking the “Lichen”

Sometimes, it can be difficult having plants in a room if there is not enough access to light, water, air and space. To make matters worse, if you did put a plant in a space like that, the chances of the plan survivng aren’t very great…

There’s a fun, new alternative to solve your problems when it comes to plant placement. Hangable sections of “lichen” (more commonly known as Reindeer Moss) are becoming more commonly used in home decorating. This particular type of lichen doesn’t need any air, water, light, care or maintaining which makes it even more appealling in some cases. This lichen is called . The plant comes mounted into a resin base that is ready to hang.

What makes this “Moss Tile” even more appealling is that it comes in various colors, which can expand your options for colors and textures for the room. Moss Tile is also available in the following colors:
Wasabi (a lighter shade of green)
Liquirizia (a darker shade of gray)
Menta (a slightly darker tone of green, not forest green)
Cumino (a mix of orange and burnt orange)
Green Pepper (a shade of lighter green with the occasional spot of a darker green)
Zafferano (a lighter shade of orange, closer to a darker shade of yellow)
Paprika (a fun, brighter pink)
Cassis (a pretty combination of a navy blue and a violet)
Malva (a lighter, softer purple)
Red Pepper (a lighter, more vibrant mix of red and a darker pink)

If you wish to make your own Moss Tile, you can buy some Reindeer Moss and plywood to craft your own.

Farm Fresh Bedrooms!

A.S.D. Interiors is excited to present you with another wonderful guest blog post… Enjoy!

Even if you don’t live in the country or on a farm, you can still decorate your bedroom in farmhouse or country chic home décor.  This look is a somewhat similar to the shabby chic look, but think more rustic, less delicate.  Think woody browns, taupe, deeper greens like hunter and pine– basically the sort of colors you’re likely to find countryside can be used to inspire your bedroom’s color palette.  Just take a look at some of these images for farm fresh inspiration.


This bedroom, in a converted French barn is simple, tranquil and surprisingly sophisticated.  When incorporating farmhouse chic into your bedroom, remember to keep it simple.  A simple bed made up in white sheets, with a rustic wooden table at the foot of the bed and a quaint nightstand are all you need to get this look.  Add a contemporary accent chair for an interesting twist.


Here’s a bedroom in a converted space (you can see the outline of a pit on the brick accent wall), that’s much more dainty and feminine.  The color palette is neutral in antique white and rose and the decor is accented by a pretty chandelier.


This converted studio in an attic is cozy, chic and serene.  The wood slats and brick walls have been painted white.  The floor is painted white as well, but the natural color of a dark wood shows through.  Paint your floors, walls and shutters white – don’t use primer – to get this look.  Let the natural colors show through.  The use of wall art also adds a really nice touch!


Here’s a simple, yet lovely, bedroom that sticks to brown, gray and taupe for a farmhouse chic look.  The wrought iron bed frame makes it feminine without being too fussy and the raw grain and color of the  room’s wooden slats and frame keep it rustic.


Here’s a bedroom that uses the farmhouse for inspiration, literally; old barn doors have been used as the headboard.  What’s so unexpected about this bedroom, however, is not just that pretty antique chandelier, but also the ceiling’s intricate moulding.

As seen in these beautiful bedrooms, farmhouse style can be chic.  Use a rustic color palette of wood, brown, taupe and white, make a fluffy white bed, and if you can, look for antique or vintage items to get the look just right.

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