10 Tips for designing a successful guest room

Designing your guest room can be an exciting chance to step out of the box with your usual tastes and preferences, and use different ideas. When designing a guest room, one can “think outside of the box” with their tastes and preferences because the guest room might not be used as often as the other rooms in the home. Are you considering designing or re-designing a guest room soon? Here are some helpful tips…

1. Be sure to select nightstands which have additional storage space (closets, drawers, shelves, etc.) so that your guests can use the it for storing their belongings.

2. If there is space in the room, try placing a bench, ottoman or luggage tray at the foot of the bed to provide your guests with a place to store their overnight bags.

3. Layer the bedding with multiple blanket options (duvet, quilt and throw blanket) because everyone has different sleep needs and preferences.

4. Select window coverings which have a “blackout” option. Everyone has different preferences with levels of lighting, and this will avoid your guest being disturbed with the sunrise.

5. Leave a basket on the bed which has a fresh bar of soap, toothpaste and toothbrush along with a fresh set of towels. Sometimes people forget these things, so providing them with these things just in case could be of help.

6. Try having four pillows on the bed (two synthetic and two natural down). Having different pillows shows your guests that you care about their comfort.

7. Keep the top of the nightstands clean and clear, maybe with just table lamps on them. This gives the guests space to put anything they brought with them over there.

8. For a fun selection of art, try pictures of the city where your home is (the city skyline, downtown, any tourist attractions, a vintage picture of the city, pictures from any previous decades). This can give your guests a fun history of where they are.

Old Los Angeles

Old Los Angeles
Old Los Angeles

9. For a budget tip: instead of painting the entire room, try painting just the room’s ceiling in a contrasting color. This is an inexpensive way to make your guest bedroom stand out.

10. Lastly, on the day your guests arrive be sure to put a vase of fresh flowers in your guest bedroom. This will give your guests a sense of freshness and make them feel as if they are staying in a hotel.

ASD Interiors guest room design by Shirry Dolgin

ASD Interiors guest room design by Shirry Dolgin

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